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Since late 1993, long before privacy policies were fashionable, jalyn.net had this message posted. We hate giving away any personal information. Period. I mean, does anyone really need my street address and telephone number to email an answer to my question?? We decided early not ask unnecessary questions and tell people what exactly we were doing - or rather, not doing - with their information.

We came up with the core statement that you see above and started piecing together a "real" policy by making stuff up, stealing bits and pieces from our Bulletin Board System (BBS) and other forward thinkers, and generally remembering business law class 101.

In 1999, we suggested that others "steal" our policy and use it so long as they kept the core concept that the visitors information is sacred and not to be given away to anyone. Well, we've notice some variations all over the web, many pieces incorporated into full policies; but most times just the basic message that you see above is shown. This is fantastic!

So we wrote, re-wrote, edited, and condensed our policy into what we believe is an easy to read, easy to follow policy that each and every web site could easily follow. Simple and to the point.

No room for built-in greed where your information is sold unless you say no... more like your information will not be sold unless you say so. And an attempt to not to be so full of generalities that it's not really a policy at all.

If you are a Webmaster or Webmistress, we hope you will adopt our plan and show it. No fees involved and no licensing legalities. BUT, if we find that your site is not following this simple plan, we will Fine you with an unrealistic amount of money in a fashion that will be readily supported by any legal system in the world. You will not only be defrauding us, but every literate person in the world.

If you are "J. Doe" surfer, support those who display the logo and remain "J. Doe"!

Click here to customize a policy - personalized when you link directly to it.



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