Walker Caine's Policy

This is the basis of our privacy and operational policy

Our policy is to protect the privacy of our users the best we are able. We will never willfully disclose individually identifiable information about visitors to any third party. The only information anyone will get out of us is that which you willingly post publicly in our Guestbooks, Message Boards, chat rooms, and other open areas.

Walker Caine does not share any information about our users with advertisers, business partners, sponsors or any other third parties unless you specifically approve it. If you don't see an option specifically asking for your approval, be assured that it is never being done. Our only reference to our Guests is the total number of visits on any given day, week, or month; just as you would see on page counts.

There are cases where we may ask you for personal information such as your name or e-mail address. We do this when you register for services that require registration or subscription or automated response (i.e. mailing lists, member services, etc.). Sometimes it is just to be of good service to you in specialty areas.

No matter why or where we ask for it, if an option is not installed for you to do this yourself, you need only contact us and if it exists, we will correct, update or remove the data you gave us as you specify.

We will be diplomatic and refined in our site, but the fine line between tasteful and distasteful will be drawn by us with the basic respect of "would we let our kids see that".


Let's face it, nobody knows who is a kid or not... but we try to look for tell-tale signs. We strongly encourage parents, guardians and older siblings to spend time online with children - explain to them what information is acceptable to give and what is not, and of course, when they should leave a site they may have entered through a misplaced link or a search engine result.

They should know beyond any doubt that they should never, ever, give any more information than an email address, a web site address, and a single name... be it a first name or user name so long as it is an identity to them. Anything more than that is unacceptable!

Participate in the activities offered on the sites. While we feel that no information should be submitted to or posted by guests under 12-years of age without the consent of their parent or guardian, realisticly we know that's not always the case and we make an extra effort in areas where we know kids would visit to secure their privacy. We do take extra precautions for everyone whenever we are able. We have no desire to adversely affect kids enjoyment and use of our site; this site is as much for them as for anyone.

Links to Other Sites

Users should be aware that there are links to other sites that take you outside our service as well as to our affiliates. For example, if you "click" on a banner advertisement, you may be taken off our site even though it may not look like it because you are in a "frame".

This includes links from advertisers, sponsors and partners that may host our site or use our logo as part of a co-branding agreement. These other sites may send their own cookies to users, collect data or solicit personal information. If we thought they were bad about it, we wouldn't associate with them, but always be aware of where you end up! It's also possible that they could have a link to someplace that has a link to some undesirable place you don't want to go to... so please pay attention to where you're going to.

The Use of Cookies

Typically, a cookie file only identifies you as a unique user and some cookies store personal preferences and additional user data that you give to it - such as a name and email address. Traditionally, cookies are used to track user trends and patterns. This helps to better understand and improve areas of the site that users find valuable.

You usually find cookies associated with advertising banners; these are used so that the advertiser knows what site you came from and pay for those visitors... we may allow some of those ads here.

When we use cookies, they are called "session cookies". Session cookies are used to keep users seperate from each other and distinguish seperate connections. An example would be a Shopping area to make sure your cart doesn't get mixed with another cart or in WebMail where your information won't get accessed or crossed with another user. Session Cookies delete themselves when you close your browser; they require no interaction or programming on our part and we can not access active session cookies.

In member areas we may program cookies to retain preferences you wish to give. These cookies stay on your computer and are retrieved when you visit us - as if you never left! Under no circumstance will we ever allow this Cookie information to be transfered to or from a site which is not under our control!

In general, outside of member areas your visit will never depend on accepting cookies.

Bottom line... We want to treat you as we would wish to be treated


Spam is a totally unacceptable use of our service and viewed as an attack against our systems. Also, we don't deal well with the thought of complaints so read carefully. Our definition of Spam includes any of the following activities:

  • Sending a message of solicitation to anyone you do not know or who did not specifically request such information.
  • Posting a single message, or messages similar in content, to more than five online forums or newsgroups.
  • Posting messages to online forums or newsgroups that violate the rules of the forums or newsgroups.
  • Collecting the responses from unsolicited email.
  • Sending any email that could be expected, in our discretion, to provoke complaints.
  • Sending email with charity requests, petitions for signatures, or any chain mail related materials.
  • Sending anything that suggests Pre-IPO's or making money - particularly if there is no true and actual way to contact the exact person who sent it.
  • Sending unsolicited email without identifying in the email the real and exact address or identity of the sender.
  • Sending email that does not accurately identify the sender's return address, and the email address of origin.
  • Forging a "To" or "From" address with our domain(s), a fictitious domain, or any other domain on which you do not have an account.
  • Using Walker Caine facilities to violate another Internet Service Provider's acceptable use policy and/or terms of service.
  • Anything that just plain annoys us as being brainless.

Community Participation Standards

Rules for participating in Walker Caine community areas, including Chat Rooms and Message Boards are very simple.

  • Treat other users with respect and sincerity
  • No unsolicited advertising or promotion (except in commerce areas designated for this purpose)
  • Have a great experience in our community!

Membership in our community is a privilege granted to you based on following appropriate behavior. Please read on for the guidelines you agree to follow as a participant in our community areas.


Chat Rooms and Message Boards allow you to talk, exchange ideas, and enjoy yourself in the company of people from all over the world. Like any community, however, ours only works if we all treat each other with respect. You may not "flame," harass, threaten, or abuse others. Hate speech, or language that is racist, obscene, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable, is prohibited.

Registration and Identity In Chat Rooms and Message Boards

You can be known by any available username that is allowed under our language guidelines. You must, however, use your full, real name and your real email address when you register but this information will not be available to other users unless you choose to reveal it later. Don't impersonate any other users, especially Walker Caine employees.

Using Our Site

We will not be held liable for anything besides keeping our site in good repair. Accidents happen no matter how much we may prepare to deal with them. Servers crash and backups can get corrupted.
Actions that disrupt the normal functioning of our features are prohibited.
Advertising: No unsolicited advertising or promotion is permitted in Chat and Message Board areas or by email, except in shopping or commerce sections specifically set aside for these purposes. If you leave a link, your website must not be obscene in any manner of the word and must also abide by the general nature of these policies.

Additional Privacy

Caution: Giving out URL's is acceptable unless it's done in a repetitive or disruptive manner. But think carefully before you give out any personal information online. Never give your telephone, home address, or other such information (lie if you have to) unless it's something you really know what you're getting into. And never respond to unsolicited email sent with an obviously fake address - instead forward it to the Postmaster and give him / her something to do.

Other Legal

Walker Caine has the right to terminate your account and/or take other appropriate action if you decide to push your luck.

Thanks for reading.

Please keep in mind that whenever you give out personal information online --- for example, via message boards or chat --- that information can be collected and used by people you don’t know and collected by some search engines (even well known ones) to sell to all those unscrupulous low-life email advertisers who think they can make big money by annoying you. Like I'm really going to send information or money to someone who won't give a real address or email!

Walker Caine's policy does not extend to anything that is inherent in the operation of the Internet, and therefore beyond our control, and is not to be applied in any manner contrary to applicable law or governmental regulation.

While Walker Caine strives to protect its user’s information and privacy, we cannot fully guarantee the security of any information you disclose online and you do so at your own risk.

This is a public privacy policy observed and followed by many of the best web sites. Since new and unusual garbage can not be anticipated, We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes.

public release: 10/01/00

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